Your Problem Solving Gift List

Your Problem Solving Gift List

Our suggestions for the “hard to find the right present for…” people. We’ve got you covered for those who are tricky to buy for.

For your Mom who hates winter.

She dislikes the short days and the cold, and finds no joy in a snowfall. So get her something that reminds her that spring and summer will return soon: a collection of seeds packets. (And by the way, sunflowers are especially cheerful and easy to grow.) The Botanical Interest packets are also so pretty that they could be displayed on a bulletin board, close pinned to ribbon on the wall, or placed in a large, clear Mason jar on the kitchen counter for the duration of the cold season.

For your Dad who will NOT feed the squirrels.

He loves the birds, but constantly complains about “Those #$^%&**!! rodents!” He has tried greasing the pole, putting up random garbage can lids, and sending the dog out into the yard, but the squirrels continue to feast on the seeds. Ease his frustrations, and turn the conversation to other topics at the same time by getting him a Droll Yankee squirrel-proof feeder.

For your sister who is, in your opinion, a bit TOO colorful.

You love her to death, but she insists on combining all manner of patterns and colors in her house and on her body. You’ve questioned the plaids with florals and orange combined with pink for years, but she continues to do her own thing. Show her that while you might not agree, you know who she is and will always be supportive… give her a group of the most colorful, happy flowerpots available.

For your brother who has a fire pit.

Make it easy on the guy…get him some Timbertote logs that make stoking the fire pit or making a campfire simple and easy. Timbertote is an all natural, dry log that comes complete with a starter wick. It’s safe for cooking over too, so can include a package of hotdogs or marshmallows.

For the girlfriend who’s a vegan.

Your son has started dating a girl who’s vegan. You need a small gift that shows you’d be a supportive mother-in-law should things get serious between them. (She’d be the gateway to any future grandchildren, after all…) Give her a tray and some seeds for growing her own micro-greens and sprouts. She’ll have the fun of watching them germinate and develop, and enjoy a tasty, healthy addition to her salads as well.

For your husband who has to have the right tool for every job.

Two words for this guy: Silky Saw. It’s the best pruning saw under the sun, and he’ll thank you every time there’s a branch to remove or a broken limb to cut.

For the friend who moved to a busy street.

They’ve just moved into a new house, but have noticed that they hear a great deal of traffic noise when they’re in the backyard. Get them a wind chime to hang near the deck or patio. It doesn’t make the car sounds go away, but it does distract everyone with pleasant sounds to focus on.

For your niece who already seems to have EVERY toy.

She’s got every Barbie, Princess and Mermaid toy that’s made. She loves fairies and unicorns, but her bed is already so covered with stuffies that you can’t see the bedspread. So get her a project that she’ll have fun assembling and accessorizing. Come into the store where our staff will help you gather a low bowl, plants and soil for making a fairy garden. Then choose some fairies, furniture or fantasy buildings that your niece can install and rearrange as she wishes.

For your aunt who loves her cocktail hour.

Get her a signed copy of C.L. Fornari’s book. Aunty will get ideas for creating a soothing outdoor space for the cocktail hour, along with many garden-based drink recipes.

For your grandmother who lives in a very small apartment.

She’s a dear, but she’s repeatedly told you that she “doesn’t need more stuff.” Show her just how sweet you think she is with a heart-shaped Hoya kerrii. It’s not only an I-love-you in a pot kind of gift, but it’s one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. (Bonus: just as her love for you grew over the years, this plant grows into a string of heart-shaped foliage over time.) This Hoya won’t mind that Grandma keeps her rooms on the warm side, so the soil dries between waterings.

For your nephew who loves nature and animals.

He thinks anything that walks, crawls or soars through the air outside is interesting. So give him some squirrel food and a fun holder that not only holds the corn, but lets your nephew laugh at seeing the critters sitting on a tractor when they’re eating.

For the houseplant lover whose windowsills are FULL.

She’s got tables, sills and stands filled, but still she’d love more houseplants. Give her one of the hanging varieties that are some of the hottest interior plants on the market. And while you’re in the garden center, pick up some brackets to hold the hangers, and offer to help install them over her windows!

For everyone else.

Tuck a Hyannis Country Garden gift card into a holiday plant such as a Cycleman, Rosemary topiary, Eucalyptus, Poinsettia so that they have flowers or fragrance through New Years and can choose a plant, product, or fun garden ornament in the spring.

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  1. Julia M Oliver on December 15, 2022 at 10:12 am

    Fabulous! Thank you, C.L.

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