Make A Holiday Centerpiece

Make A Holiday Centerpiece

Use oasis, waterproof tape and assorted greens to create a centerpiece that will brighten your table through the holidays. Here are several suggestions for those who like DIY. Those who want some help and direction, not to mention a large selections of greens and adornments, should register for one of the workshops we have coming up in Workshop Week.

By placing greens in floral Oasis, they will last a long time. You can add flowers or other embellishments as you wish. The basic procedure is below. The greens in this arrangement were cut from a Cape Cod landscape.
The first step is to put a block of soaked oasis in a container that holds water. Here that’s a plastic rectangle (we have these in the store) but you can use a dish you already have or even a basket lined in plastic.
Step two is to put the candle holder in the center, and use waterproof tape to hold the oasis and candleholder in place.
You can put the candle in place at this point, or wait and do that after you’ve added the greens.
Cut assorted greens so that most pieces are about the same length. It goes faster if you cut the greens ahead of time, and then, one type of foliage at a time, distribute them evenly around the container. Here white pine and fir have been added.
Here you can see that other stems with different textures and shades of green make a richer arrangement.
The last thing you do is to add ornaments. In this arrangement lotus pods, pinecones and silk hydrangeas were used. Most silk flowers can be cut into smaller pieces if they are too large for the arrangement. Here, one large white hydrangea was split into five smaller pieces.
This centerpiece was made in a round plastic design bowl and artificial fruit and real seashells were used for color.
This arrangement was taped on top of a mason jar that was filled with cranberries. You could fill a jar with pinecones, beach stones or shells as well.
If you make an arrangement of fresh greens, you can always poke in flowers later.

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  1. Carolyne L. Jordan on December 11, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Beautiful and exquisite. I love the use of the evergreen.

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