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When Can I Plant Shrubs and Trees?

As I do design consultations for our customers, a frequent question is “When can I plant these?” or “What’s the best time to plant?” and at this time of year the answer is “Whenever the plants are available in the garden center.” In the spring we have trucks rolling in daily, and the plants immediately…

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Discover Wellness ~ Plant Cold-Hardy Vegetables

There are several ways that planting cold-hardy vegetables help people to discover wellness. First, putting these plants in the garden in early spring lifts our spirits and gets our bodies moving. We are finally out and about in the natural world, and this alone is beneficial. Secondly, in our gardens we can grow food that…

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Can I Plant Pansies Now?

It’s the beginning of April and we’re all anxious to get outside to see growth and flowers. But on Cape Cod April can be as cold, or even colder than March. We are stuck at the intersection of Winter and Planting Season. Plants that we can put in containers and in the ground right now…

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