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Seeds To Plant Right In The Ground

Some seeds get started indoors (more on this in next week’s blog) and others get placed right in the ground. In this post we’re talking about some common seeds that are great to purchase at this time of year but get planted directly in the ground at the end of May. Why discuss May planting…

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A Feeder For Every Bird?

If you’ve fed the birds in the past you’ve probably noticed that some birds prefer to eat off the ground, while others will go to a feeder first. You may have seen that finches love the tube feeders and when they are filled with the extra fine sunflower chips, woodpeckers go to these as well.…

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The Best Seed For Birds

It may be too cold to spend much time outside, but when you feed the birds a good quality seed you’re rewarded with a yard full of color and motion, and less mess for you! Inexpensive seed mixes often contain fillers such as golden or red millet, wheat, oats or other grains that most birds…

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