Hyannis Country Garden is Open All Year

Current store hours: Mon ~ Sat 8:00 to 5:30, Sunday 9:00 to 5:00  ~ Closed Thanksgiving Day

At Hyannis Country Garden we are committed to providing beautiful plants, accurate and up to date information, a diverse product selection, and personal assistance. Let us know how we can help you to cultivate a beautiful home and landscape.

Gift Certificate

Country Garden Gift Cards make the perfect present. You don’t have to know the right size or color, and they ship very easily too!

You can get them for any amount you wish.  We can send them to you, or the recipient.  (Though handing them out to your friends is probably a whole lot more fun!)

Paypal ordering option below.

Come in or call the store to purchase: 508-775-8703


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Cultivating Gratitude

Many people have expressed the wisdom of actively fostering an attitude of gratitude. In pleasant times counting our blessings helps us not to take good fortune for granted. And when circumstances are difficult, seeking things to be thankful for can help balance, or even lift our burdens. During those periods when we’re just trudging through…

Do I Prune My Hydrangeas In The Fall?

Some people notice that their neighbor has trimmed their blue hydrangeas down by half in October. Others wonder if they need to cut the brown flowers off their LimeLight or other Hydrangea paniculatas. Added to these questions is the confusion about when hydrangeas form their flowers, and how to prune them so that the most…

Winter Protective Mulch

A mulch designed to protect tender plants in the winter is not the same as the mulch you put down to suppress weeds and keep moisture in the soil. The latter is usually finely chopped leaves, bark or other wood, and it works by forming a thin but fairly tight layer on top of the…

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