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Archive for June 2014

Perennial Garden Maintenance – Editing

Every perennial has its own personality and requires different care. Some, such as peonies, can be left undisturbed for years (except, of course, for pulling weeds) and others need frequent editing or dividing. Although most people enjoy the fact that their perennials spread, and initially appreciate that the plant is filling in, there comes a…

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Flowering Ground Cover for Full Sun

Gardeners have an often repeated mantra: right plant, right place. In other words, a plant that’s perfect for one area or situation might be a problem in another location. I was thinking about this recently when I saw some beautiful pots of  Zagreb coreopsis arrive in the perennial section. This plant, Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb,’ is…

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Meet Lobularia Frosty Knight

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you, (your name here) to one of the best annuals I know, Lobularia Frosty Knight. Since I’m sure you’ll soon be fast friends, you can call him Frosty Knight alyssum. Here’s why I know that you’ll soon be new best friends: 1. You want annuals that will grow, bloom…

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There is SPIT on my Plants!

Do your perennials or trees look like someone is spitting on them? You’ve got one of insects that are logically called spittlebugs. In late May and early June the nymphs protect themselves with a froth of bubbles created as they suck on the plants’ juices. Spittlebugs are usually considered a cosmetic problem; it looks kind…

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