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Archive for September 2012

Success With Fall Planting

There is something about the crisp fall air that makes me want to plant something! The conditions are comfortable for working outside and it’s satisfying to know that the plants that are put in the ground now will be off and running next spring. To ensure winter survival, however, there are a couple of things…

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Fall Fun!

Want to make a wreath out of your hydrangea flowers? Have you been thinking about keeping chickens? Come to our Homegrown Harvest Festival and find out how to create a lovely hydrangea wreath and all about keeping chickens. Chicken lecture by award winning blogger Melissa Caughey of Tilly’s Nest on Saturday September 22nd at 1:30…

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Tomato Hornworms

If you see your tomato foliage rapidly disappearing, chances are you have one or more tomato hornworms. Another sign that this pest is at work is the black pepper-like “frass” (aka caterpillar poop) that is sprinkled over the tomato foliage. Look closely at the stems and underside of the leaves and you’re likely to find…

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Tomato Success

Everyone loves a tasty, homegrown tomato. As the song writer Guy Clark has written, “There are just two things that money can’t buy: true love and home grown tomatoes.” For the best success with this plant in our area, use the following guidelines. 1. Enrich the soil with compost in the fall or early spring.…

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Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

The Top Ten Reasons to Plant Cabbages and Kales In September: 1. These autumn annuals remain beautiful in the garden well into winter. 2. They take up a lot of room in window boxes and pots so you don’t need many to make a big statement. 3. As the temperatures fall the cabbage and kale…

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