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Archive for May 2018

Myths About Planting

There are hundreds of myths about plants and gardens, but at this time of year it’s appropriate to address a few misunderstandings about planting. 1. “Is it too late to plant?” aka “Don’t plants have to be installed by the end of May?”  No matter what you’re putting into your yard and garden, there is…

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Winter Moth Larvae 2018

Although the “word on the street” is that winter moth larvae damage isn’t going to be as bad this year, I have seen them on every property I’ve visited in the past ten days. They are still very small, so the damage they are doing is only noticeable when you look at a plant closely.…

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Is It Safe To Plant Outside?

As the garden center fills with beautiful plants for the summer season, our customers are asking if they can plant what they see outdoors. “Can I put my tomatoes in?” one man asked today, and yesterday a woman called wanting to know if she could plant the basil outdoors. Today is May 1st and we…

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