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Archive for April 2015

Garden Center Shopping: Comparing Apples to Apples

An email from a customer inspired this post. This person asked if we had 4 foot Leyland Cypress in stock, and if so, how much they are. After talking with D.J. in the nursery, and going out to to see the plants for myself, it struck me that this brings up a good point that customers…

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Questions from Customers: Are your seed potatoes in?

Our seed potatoes have arrived, but right now the ground is still too cold to put them in the ground. In mid-April on Cape Cod you can plant peas, lettuce, cole crops such as kale and broccoli, and parsley. Starting around the first or second week in May it’s usually fine to put the potatoes in the…

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Questions from Customers: Hydrangea Pruning

I helped a customer today who was typical of many people who grow hydrangeas. “How do I prune my various hydrangea shrubs?” she asked. “I’ve looked on the internet and it just leaves me even more confused.” Since we know that if one customer has this question it’s likely that many people have this question,…

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Can I Plant My Easter Plants Outside?

After the Easter holiday we typically get phone calls from customers who want to plant their gift plants outdoors. “Can I plant my greenhouse hydrangea outside?” they ask, or “Will the azalea that I got for a present be hardy?” If you live on Cape Cod, the answer is “Yes, those plants should be fine…

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