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Archive for July 2014

What is that WEED?!?

In July the weeds explode in most landscapes. Sometimes we recognize that these are weeds, and other times we wonder if what we’re seeing is a valuable or interesting plant. Here is a photo of a random patch in a Cape Cod garden, with the plants that were growing there labeled.

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Spots on Leaves

This is the time of year when many start to notice spots on foliage. This might be on your peppers, tomatoes, hydrangeas, perennials or herbs. Shrubs, trees, and flowering plants can all show signs of leaf spot and some plants are more susceptible to it than others. Most leaf spots are fungal. Some of them just…

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Vegetable Garden Problem Solving

 Here is a list of the common vegetable problems in this area. First listed is what you see, in red is the likely cause, followed by what we recommend. Common Insect Problems Tiny holes: Flea Beetles: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) New seedlings disappearing: slugs or earwigs: DE, Sluggo Plus Holes on cabbage/broccoli/B sprouts: cabbage lopper: Spinosad…

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Can I Still Prune My…

Sometimes homeowners don’t notice plants that need pruning until the summertime. “Is it too late to prune?” our customers ask. Here are some general guidelines: You can take off deadwood from any plant any time. If it’s dead, it’s dead! Cutting off dead branches and foliage will improve the look of any shrub or tree.…

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Mid-Summer Deadheading…and Other July Garden Touchups

Many people expect to be able to stop all work in their yards and gardens in July and August…with the exception of lawn mowing, of course. But there are some plants that will perform better, and look more attractive, if you spend some time doing a bit of cleanup in early July. There are also…

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Blueberries for Edible Landscaping

As I walked through the nursery today I was struck once again at how lovely the blueberries bushes are. Why aren’t these used more as general landscape plants? Those who have space might have a special blueberry patch, and some choose to plant them alongside or in back of a vegetable garden. But high-bush blueberries…

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