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Smart Summer Lawn Care

As we move from July into August, many of our customers come into Hyannis Country Garden to talk to one of our lawn experts, Jamie Dedekian, aka “Dekes.” Many benefit from his advice about lawn care, so this post covers summer lawn care and what’s important as we continue through the warmest time of the…

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A Good Year For Moss

Over the past two weeks I’ve had many customers come to me asking about the moss in their landscape. “Where did all the moss come from?” or “What can I do about the moss in my lawn?” If you’ve been concerned about the amount of moss in your lawn and garden, this blog post is…

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Fall Into The Future

In the fall many gardeners and home landscapers are anxious to wrap things up. We’ve coped with winter and gypsy moth larvae in the spring, seen drought-stressed plants all summer, and are watching our perennials brown and go to seed. So it’s natural that we’re ready to clear things out, dust off our hands and…

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September Garden To-Do List

September is one of the best months on Cape Cod. The weather is often still summer-like but the nights tend to be cooler, so our yards and gardens are usually beautiful. It’s a month to appreciate our lovely seaside environment, and get some landscape tweaking done before winter arrives. Here are 10 things that are good…

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Snow Mold and Other Winter Damage to Turf

As the snow melts, many of our Cape Cod customers are finding some unpleasant surprises on their lawns. There may be areas dug and damaged by snowplows. You might see areas that were so compressed under a pile of heavy snow that the grass appears to be dead. Some are also seeing areas where snow…

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