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Archive for May 2013

Window Box Ideas

Choosing plants for containers and window boxes is such fun; there are so many creative possibilities! Everywhere you turn in the garden center there are vibrant flowers, striking foliage, and tremendous textures to pick from. Here are a few ideas for great window box combinations and some tips for success. TIP: Be sure that your…

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What Every New Vegetable Gardener Needs To Know

In the past week several customers have asked a question and then concluded by saying, “I’m planting my first vegetable garden.” We want these customers to be successful with their veggie garden, so we’re offering these words of advice. If you’re making raised beds, don’t put landscape fabric or plastic on the bottom. Till up…

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Mugwort: the weed that looks like chrysanthemum

“It this a perennial or is it a weed?” Customers frequently come into our store in Hyannis with bunches of foliage and ask that question. Early in the season it’s sometimes hard to tell which plants are desirable perennials and which ones are unwanted weeds. One of the plants that frequently fools gardeners is mugwort…

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The Danger of Ivy in Trees

One of the problems of using ivy as a ground cover is that it isn’t content to just cover the ground. Given a few years it will cover the ground, grow over perennials and shrubs, swallow buildings and climb up the trees. English and Baltic ivy wants to take over the world. Although many people…

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Landscape Vegetables: You Can Grow That!

It used to be that a vegetable garden was a rectangular patch of soil in the backyard, often fenced to keep out the rabbits. Next came the popularity of the raised bed garden, and many people decided to make their rectangles smaller and raise them off the ground.  Although some still choose these styles, the…

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