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Archive for July 2018

Watering Landscape Plants in August

Yes, the heat is on. Time to talk about watering your plants…specifically, why you want to water the area around the plant, not the leaves of the plant and not the stem or trunk. You see, when it’s hot I frequently see people hosing off the tops of their shrubs and trees. I know that…

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Front Yard Seating

Most of us live in our backyards, and we tend to place decks, patios and seating areas there. Some are blessed to have farmer’s porches or other front-of-the-house seating, but this isn’t the norm. Yet on many properties, seating in the front yard should be considered. Many of our Cape Cod neighborhoods are attractive, and…

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Taming The Cape Cod Jungle

Here’s what’s going on in every yard and garden on Cape Cod: birds light in shrubs and trees, and poop onto the ground below. As they do so, they place seeds for many invasive or wild plants into your garden. Many of those seeds germinate, and before you realize it, your plants are infested with…

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Mid-July In The Vegetable Garden

The heat is on, and that means that our vegetable gardens should be growing gangbusters. Here’s a checklist of what to do in the veggie garden in mid-July. Weed, weed and weed. Most of us find that the weeds that were tiny over the Fourth of July are now monsters! Pull them quickly and often.…

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What Happened To My Grasses?

Ornamental grasses (some of our customers call them “beach grasses”) took a hit this past winter. We’ll never know whether it was the rollercoaster temperatures early in the winter or the very wet conditions we had in March, but many people found that their grasses were dead this spring. Some clumps have a few, feeble…

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