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Archive for May 2016

The Garden: Wonderful, Worrisome, and Weird

At this time of year we see something new every time we go into the garden. We notice what’s wonderful, what’s worrisome, and sometimes what’s downright weird. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed in my yard this week that you might have spotted too, beginning with the wonderful. And now for things you…

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Three Common Weeds in May

In May when our gardens wake up it’s typical for people to wonder if what they are seeing in their yards are weeds or a desirable perennial plant. The old joke about this is: “How do you tell the difference between a weed and a valuable perennial? You tug on it…if it comes up easily,…

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Guarantees on Plants

Today I updated guarantee and return policies on the store website. There are many joys about working in a garden center, but dealing with plant guarantees isn’t one of them. First and foremost, plants are living things and living things are quirky. They are also fragile, and vulnerable to extremes in weather or other growing conditions. When I…

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Winter Moth Larvae Are Here!

If you haven’t looked closely at your maples, birches, crabapples, weeping cherries and roses in the past two weeks you might be missing the fact that they are being eaten. Even as the these trees and shrubs are just breaking dormancy, if you live in S.E. Massachusetts you are likely to see tiny holes in the…

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