Our nursery department offers all types of landscape plants. From dwarf shrubs to shade trees, native plants to fruit and berry producers, flowering shrubs and needled evergreens, vines and grasses. Whether you have a large or small property with sunny or shady conditions, we will provide you with the perfect plants for your landscape.

 For information about our existing stock or the possibility of special orders, contact nursery manager  David Fields.

perennial section 2022


Perennial plants may die to the ground in the winter but in most cases they will return again the following spring. These plants range from short to tall, from ground covers to flower-garden standards and we stock them in several size pots. Look for those perennials that love shade underneath the large lathe house on the left side of the property. Sun-loving perennials are grouped in the center of the property.

To enquire about existing perennial stock please call the store. For information about special orders, ask for Tracy Monroe.


Annuals are plants that don’t survive the winter and throughout the growing season we offer a large selection ranging from new varieties to the tried and true. We stock one of the largest ranges of annuals on Cape Cod, including a huge section of Proven Winners plants. From spring pansies to fall mums and kale, we have the colorful flowers and foliage you need to brighten your landscape and celebrate the seasons. You’ll find the six-pack annuals you’ve always relied on, plus small pots of all the hottest varieties in gardening.

The annuals section also has a full range of vegetables and herbs. From six packs to larger, potted plants, we want to help you grow dinner! Be sure to ask about the Country Garden grown tomato plants.

If you have questions about our stock of annuals or the possibility of special orders, please call the store and speak to department manager Tracy Monroe.


For ideas on filling those window boxes and containers check out our Thriller, Filler, Spiller page by clicking here

Christina Annual 6 pack

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