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Archive for March 2012

Gift Hydrangeas

At this time of year our greenhouse is filled with gift hydrangeas for Easter and Mother’s day. The large, colorful flowers are so beautiful it’s no wonder that this is a popular holiday plant and present. Everyone who buys or receives these plants invariably asks the same question: “Can I plant this greenhouse grown Hydrangea…

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Edible Landscapes

Are you interested in fresh, tasty food? Would you like to be able to go out into your yard and pick ingredients for dinner? If your answer to these questions is “yes” but you’re not ready to install a full-scale vegetable garden or berry patch, this post is for you. Many of our customers would…

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The Best of Bonsai

Marsha and Lily are presenting The Best of Bonsai this weekend. It will be a two-day celebration of this fascinating combination of art form and plants. This event has us thinking about the appeal of bonsai trees. These plants are a reminder…a living, three-dimensional Post-it note that prompts us to think about and appreciate natural…

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Downy Mildew – Can I Plant Impatiens Again?

2012 and 2013  UPDATE: Many of our customers saw Downy Mildew on their Impatiens in 2011 and 2012 – if you decide to plant them again in 2013 it will be at your own risk. Last summer many of our Cape Cod customers were shocked when the common impatiens they’ve relied on for years seemed…

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Thoughts On Watering

Keeping Your Container Plants Hydrated The rows of watering cans in the store reminds us that the growing season is approaching. Some of these cans are traditional in shape and others are more fanciful. No matter if they are practical or silly, these watering tools represent a serious subject. Without appropriate watering container plants will…

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