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Archive for March 2018

Jump-Starting Tomato Plants

Mid-March is the time to start tomato plants from seed if you’re growing them inside under lights. Some of our customers do this,while others want to jump-start their tomatoes by buying seedlings later in April and then growing them on indoors until it’s time to plant them outside in late-May. Here are some tips for…

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A Shrub For Foliage Color

As you prepare to plant in your yard and garden this spring, consider using one of the colorful ninebark shrubs. There are many varieties of Physocarpus opulifolius, our native ninebark, that have purple, copper or lime-green leaves. When you plant a Physocarpus, you get two for one: flowers and foliage color. This shrub is also…

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“This March is SO Different!”

The wonderful thing about a digital library of photos is that you have a very quick and accurate time machine. I took a trip back through the years today prompted by a conversation I had with a customer. “This March is so different!” she mused. “I don’t remember a year when it was this bad.…

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Cape Cod’s Native Pitch Pines

One of the most striking images from the recent “Winter Storm Riley” on Cape Cod was the photo of a house in Sandwich that was struck by seven fallen trees. A homeowner’s nightmare, right? All of these trees were one of our native pines, Pinus rigida. Frequently called “scrub pine” or “pitch pine,” these trees…

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