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Archive for September 2016

Fall Into The Future

In the fall many gardeners and home landscapers are anxious to wrap things up. We’ve coped with winter and gypsy moth larvae in the spring, seen drought-stressed plants all summer, and are watching our perennials brown and go to seed. So it’s natural that we’re ready to clear things out, dust off our hands and…

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Enjoy Your Garden Fall Into Winter

In late September our gardens can begin to look tired…or they can be a celebration of the glorious Cape Cod fall season. The difference between the two is a matter of some cleanup, creativity, and selective planting. Here are some photos that illustrate what I mean.

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Spreading Perennials

Fall is often mentioned as the time to dig and divide perennials. Yes, September is a great time to get into your flower beds and move things around. Be careful, however, of the “I can’t throw this plant out…where can I put it?” syndrome. With some plant, saving them is a make-work project for you.…

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How Gardens Heal

I remember talking with a fellow gardener about 20 years ago. He was telling me how the garden saved him after his divorce. “There I was,” he said, “down on my knees, literally. Having my hands in the dirt kept me sane.” My friend was not alone. Many of us turn to the healing powers…

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