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Archive for November 2013

Caring for a Living Christmas Tree

Planting a living tree can be a great way to add to your landscape, extend the season, and add a fun family tradition to your Christmas holiday. As with anything growing and alive a little preparation is in order for a successful experience. It is best to think in advance of where your tree will…

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Growing Evergreens in Containers All Year

At this time of year many of our customers decide to plant an evergreen in their urns, whiskey barrels, and larger outdoor containers. “What evergreen will live through the winter outside?” they ask. Here’s the general guideline, and a couple of shrub suggestions that are particularly good on Cape Cod. No matter where you live,…

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Fresh Color For Your House

It’s a cold, wet New England day and snowflakes are mixing with the rain drops…a sign of the winter ahead. Such weather, combined with the shorter days, can make our spirits sink. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution: colorful houseplants, for the beginning of that time of year when we need cheering the most. Here are…

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