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For The Love of Cardinals

Many of our customers love the birds, and provide food and water to attract them to their yards and gardens. In this region we are blessed to have a wide range of resident birds as well as flocks that come through during migration. All birders and homeowners have their favorites, but many especially love the…

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Stocking My Garden Shed Shelves

When I heard that on April 14th and 15th the Bonide company was going to donate their profits from the sale of their products in our store to Habit for Humanity Cape Cod, they had my attention. I routinely use many of their products through the course of the summer, so here was a change…

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Some Like It Hot! Using a Heat Mat For Plant Propagation

Use a heat mat under flats of germinating seeds or pots of cuttings that you are rooting to keep soil temperatures evenly warm.

If you’ve had trouble germinating seeds or rooting cuttings in the past, your soil might have been too cold. Soil temperatures are actually more important than room temperatures for seed sprouting, and a heat mat that’s made for plants can help. Heat mats are designed to be on 24 hours a day and keep flats…

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The Best Things To Do For Your Yard In September

The tourists might come to the Cape in the summer, but those of us who live here know that one of the best months to be on Cape Cod is September. It’s also a great time to be outside in your yard and garden. Here are a few things that you can do this month…

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Ways to Make Watering Easier

Early in the season we had plenty of rainfall, but as the summer goes on most people find that they need to water their plants. Even those who have automatic irrigation systems often need to target specific areas with additional ways to deliver moisture since tall plants can block in-ground sprinklers, or the usual lawn…

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My Leaves Have Brown Spots!

Although the regular rain has been welcomed after last summer’s drought, so far the spring and early summer weather on Cape Cod has been cool and damp. This combination is pretty much a prescription for fungal problems. We’ve had customers come in with fungal conditions on lawns, perennials and shrubs. Here is a rundown of…

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Some Basics About Fertilizers

At Hyannis Country Garden there’s an entire wall devoted to fertilizers. This selection is wonderful in that our customers are sure to find just the right product for their needs…but it can also be bewildering. We frequently help people who are confused about which product to buy. “Can I use this on all my flowers…

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Your Trees Are Being Eaten

From a distance, all looks well as the grass greens up, the perennials emerge and the trees break dormancy. But a close look at the trees and roses on the Cape will show that there is trouble in paradise…winter moth  and gypsy moth larvae have both hatched and are eating away. Here are just two examples…

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Watering 101

Last week we had our employee training day at HCG, which gathers everyone together to jump-start the growing season. One of the things on the list every year to to bring all of our Green Team members up to speed on some of the issues that concern our customers. On the agenda this year, was…

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Problem Solving Products

If you watched Saturday Night Live when it first came on, you will remember Gilda Radner’s character, Roseanne Roseannadanna. She had a favorite phrase: “It’s always something!” That’s how home landscapers and gardeners frequently feel. There are problems and challenges everywhere we turn. Fortunately, there are good solutions to most situations we encounter in our…

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