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Archive for August 2019

Tips for Drying Blue Hydrangea Flowers

If you’ve cut blue hydrangeas earlier in the summer intending to dry them, you’ve no doubt been disappointed. But take heart…late August and early September is the time when these big blooms can be successfully cut, provided you choose the right flowers. Here are the tips for success. Don’t choose the fresh, light blue flowers.…

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Perennial Garden Maintenance in August

If you grow perennial plants, this is a good week to do a flower garden assessment and some quick fix improvements. Since our fall season is so long on Cape Cod, the clean-up and other maintenance you do in August will result in a more attractive garden for the next two months. Here are some…

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Summer Planting

Many people wonder if they can plant in mid-August or if they should wait until fall. While those who live in areas where summer temperatures are in the triple digits might need to wait for September, here on Cape Cod it’s actually desirable to put plants in the garden in the summertime. Our temperatures aren’t…

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Dogs and Thunder Fear

Having recently experienced thunderstorms and fireworks displays, the distress these loud, booming noises causes their dogs is on many of our customers’ minds. Some dogs tremble, some drool, and others try to hide. Occasionally a dog will even become destructive as he or she attempts to dig or chew their way out of what is…

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