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Archive for May 2014

What is Eating My Tree Leaves?

If you live in southeast Massachusetts and you’re seeing damaged leaves and holes in the foliage of your trees and roses, you probably have damage from the winter moth larvae. If there are still leaves on the tree you can protect them with Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew: the active ingredient in Captain Jack’s is Spinosad,…

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Report from Little Rock

Everyone is familiar with the term “Bus man’s holiday.” The bus driver might or might not take the bus when on vacation, but garden lovers always visits gardens wherever they are. And this garden lover has been doing just that for the past three days. Cape Cod is beautiful in May, and it’s planting time,…

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Proven Winners!

This is the time of year when Cape Cod gets geared up to plant annuals and at Hyannis Country Garden we are thrilled to stock one of the largest selections of flowering plants in the area. In the front of the property we offer thousands of Proven Winners. These plants are New England Grown, and…

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It’s Time To Plant Something!

The weather in May has, so far, been pretty remarkable on Cape Cod. We can almost watch the plants grow in our yards and gardens! As I write this on May 11th the seven day forecast is for the temperatures at night to be above 50 degrees. This is our standard sign for putting houseplants…

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Hydrangea Report – Spring 2014

We predict that the question of the summer on Cape Cod will be “Why aren’t my hydrangeas blooming?” The short answer is “Because it got so cold this winter,” and the photos below tell the story. If your hydrangeas have died to the ground remove all canes that show no growth by mid-May. In our…

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