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Archive for August 2015

Hydrangea Flowers Turning Brown

In the late summer we hear our customers asking this: “Why are my hydrangea flowers turning brown?” and then “Should I cut off the brown hydrangea flowers?” Since there are many types of hydrangeas, the answer to why they are browning and what to do about it isn’t necessarily thte same for all plants. Here…

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Wild Turkeys In The Garden

Several of our customers have asked what they should do about the wild turkeys that are appearing more frequently in Cape Cod Landscapes. These are big birds, but they’re not always as lovable as the large yellow Sesame Street character. We all can admire the iridescence of the turkey feathers, the comical long necks and the…

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August Garden Fix-ups

On the Cape many people have company in August, and frequently there are barbeques, family reunions and assorted other gatherings in our backyards. So at this time of year people are looking around at their gardens and wondering “What can I do to quickly spruce up the garden?” Naturally, we want to do this quickly…

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