Japanese painted fern has silver, purple and pink in the leaves.

5 Great Shade Perennials For Cape Cod

Shade gardens emphasize the leaf colors and textures, with a few flowers thrown in for pleasure.

5 Great Perennials For Sunny Cape Cod Gardens

Here are five sun-loving perennials for gardens on Cape Cod that are reliable and easy to grow. From short to tall, you'll love these plants!

Great Vegetables To Grow on Cape Cod

Many gardeners on Cape Cod have smaller sized vegetable gardens, so they need varieties that will produce well. Here are some favorites.

Notable Natives: Sweet Bay Magnolia

Are you looking for a native, flowering tree that is fragrant and doesn't grow too large? The sweet bay magnolia is all of that and more!

Prune Blueberries Now, But Not Blue Hydrangeas

It's time to prune your blueberry bushes, but in March and April it's too early to prune hydrangeas. Here's why, with photo illustrations.

Plant A Living Easter Basket

Here's how to plant a basket of grass to create a living Easter basket this spring. You need a basket, potting mix, grass seed, a plastic bag.

Top 10 Things To Know About Mulch

Here are ten things every home landscaper should know about mulch: what type and how much to use, which size or color, and when to apply it.

Questions From Our Herb Happy Hour

Here the herb questions that we didn't have time to answer last week. Learn about curry plants, lavender pruning and more.

What To Do With My Amaryllis?

Learn what to do with amaryllis bulbs after they finish flowering indoors. Read how to keep amaryllis bulbs from year to year successfully.

Notable Natives: The Oakleaf Hydrangea

A notable Cape native is the oakleaf hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia: It brings flowers, fall color, and lovely form to your garden.

Fertilizing Houseplants

February is the perfect time to consider how to best fertilize your houseplants. Learn when and how to fertilize and which products are best.

Planning Paths

Designing paths for your landscape or gardens is a matter of considering placement and function, then maintenance, materials and appearance.

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