Will The Hydrangeas Bloom This Summer?

We answer frequently asked questions about winter damaged leaves and hydrangea buds: how to prune and when, and future hydrangea flowering.

Plant Shopping Checklist

In advance of shopping for plants, here's a checklist that will help you make the best choices. Find perfect plants for your yard and garden!

Flowers To Grow From Seed

There are many annual flowering plants that are easy to grow from seeds. Some of these can't be bought as plants, and all are worth growing.

Keystone Plants and Songbirds

Do you want to assist songbirds and pollinators? Here are some important, native plants that support bees and the insects that birds eat.

Seed Starting: Be Successful, Not Silly

Read why some seed starting ideas can lead to disappointment or stunted seedlings, and see why planting in ice cream cones is a disaster.

Why The Label is Important For Wellness

What people do in their yards and gardens matters: the labels on outdoor products are filled with useful information and advice.

Growing Peppers on Cape Cod

If you love peppers, grow them in your vegetable garden or in containers. Here are ten tips for successful pepper growing on Cape Cod.

Having Fun With Pots

Get creative with flower pots and plants, indoors in the winter and outside in the coming summer: cheerful, mood-lifting activities.

My Houseplant Is Too Big!

Many indoor plants grow quite large over time. Here is how you can renew the too-large houseplant and start over with a smaller piece.

Variety In The Landscape

Having a wide range of plants plus a few structures makes for a more interesting, healthy landscape: variety is the key to garden wellness.

How To Water Houseplants

Here are six tips for watering houseplants correctly so that they will thrive and grow well, along with photo illustrations.

Why Buy Seeds In The Winter?

Whether you are sowing seeds outdoors now, starting them under lights in February, or planting them later, it's smart to purchase them now.

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