Spring Hydrangea Help

Whether you're looking for new Hydrangea varieties, wanting to know how to prune your existing plants, or troubleshooting your Annabelle Hydrangeas, we've got tips and answers!

Creating Pollinator Pathways on Cape Cod

There are many ways to support pollinators on Cape Cod. Here are just a few of the plants that thrive in our gardens.

Rose Basics for May – 10 Tips for Success

It's never been easier to grow roses. Here are ten tips for planting and maintaining roses on Cape Cod.

Container Gardening ~ 12 Tips for Success

You can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees in pots. Here are 12 tips for success for container gardening.

Beautiful Hydrangeas That Stay Small

Looking for a Hydrangea that stays short? You've got more choices than ever before! We stock short mophead, lacecap, panicle and smooth hydrangeas.

Keeping and Planting Gift Hydrangeas

Can I plant my gift hydrangea outside? If you live on Cape Cod, yes, and here are tips for keeping it in good shape until it's time to plant.

Did You Know? Garden Center Inside Information

This is an exciting time of year in the garden center. Trucks roll in daily with new stock, and the plants are breaking dormancy, in our nursery and in our customers’ yards and gardens. We are all filled with the excitement that a new season with fresh possibilities brings. Those of us who work in…

Ten Tips For New Vegetable Gardeners

Whether you plant a few vegetables in pots, a small herb garden, a raised bed, or a large, in-ground garden, here are ten tips for success if you’re new to growing edibles.

Questions From the Spring Happy Hour

Here are the questions we didn't have time to get to last night during the April 1st Happy Hour. Watch for the registration links to future Happy Hours on the Events page of this website.

What Can I Prune in April?

It's about time to prune roses on Cape Cod. Here are some tips to make your April pruning easier.

Caring For Gift Hydrangeas

Can you plant your gift Hydrangea outside? Here's what you need to know about greenhouse-grown Hydrangeas.

Perennial Perfection

Here are 8 tips for planning for perennial perfection this year. Learn how to make a beautiful flower garden.

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