Make A Holiday Centerpiece

It's easy to make a holiday centerpiece with a dish, water-soaked Oasis and assorted cut greens. This blog shows how to put it together.

Outdoor Decorating With Living Evergreens

Whether you're having a live tree indoors this Christmas, or want to use living evergreens in containers, we've got tips for success!

Is It Too Late To…

Our customers want to know if it's too late to plant shrubs, dig up dahlias or put bulbs into the ground. We answer these questions and more.

Questions From the Nov 18 Happy Hour

Here are the answers to the few questions we got that I didn't have time to answer on Friday the 18th - planting, roses, coyotes and pots!

Planting Containers for Winter

Be inspired by the many colorful plants for filling pots and boxes for the winter, and read tips for creating beautiful containers.

Arranging Your Houseplants

Have fun creating new arrangements of your interior plants. Here are some tips for designing houseplant displays that will lift your spirits.

Fall Rhododendron Care

From dead branches and soil amendment, to unexpected fall flowers, here are five tips for the care of your Rhododendrons this fall.

Will My Fall Mums Live Through The Winter?

We answer your questions about growing the chrysanthemums commonly called hardy mums: garden planting, winter survival and promoting fullness

Can I Save Seeds From My Garden?

Can I grow the seeds from my garden? Read tips for success, a few possible drawbacks, and ideas for keeping seeds over the winter.

Your Vegetable Garden in October

Read about how to help your raised bed or in-ground vegetable garden in October: enriching soil, extending harvest, cover crops and more.

Perennial Gardens: Fall Cleanup?

October is a great month for putting new perennials in the garden, editing out the overly-enthusiastic plants, and improving the soil with compost.

Plant a Pumpkin

Create a living fall centerpiece or gift by planting succulents into a small pumpkin. We give you instructions and tips for success.

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