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Our Garden Department is a plant pharmacy, supply section, fertilizer facility, and information station rolled into one. From insect, weed and disease control to lawns, hydroponics supplies and tools, we’re able to supply you with the means to garden successfully.

Hyannis Country Garden is particularly proud that many employees in this department are Massachusetts NOFA trained organic land care professionals. We’re dedicated to the expansion of our organic product lines, the preservation of Cape Cod resources, and the continuing education of our customers regarding least-toxic landscaping.

Whether you’re interested in organic responses or conventional solutions to landscape difficulties, we hope you’ll drop by to see Hyannis Country Garden’s selection of products and problem-solvers. Craig Nelson is the manager of this area of the store.

Did you know...we carry Biochar!

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What is Biochar?

• Biochar is produced by burning wood or other plant material (biomass) in a controlled process using very little Oxygen.

• The resulting product looks like charcoal, but it is primarily a very stable form of carbon (70-80%).

• It is very porous and has a tremendous amount of surface area that adsorbs nutrients and provides great spaces for beneficial microbes to live.

• The microbes feed on the nutrients and make them available for plants to absorb them through their roots.

• This results in bigger, healthier plants that produce more fruit, veggies, and flowers.

• Because biochar is so good at retaining nutrients in the soil, over time fertilizer use is reduced.

• Hyannis Country Garden sells biochar in 20 qt. bags for lawn, garden, and houseplant use, and in 40 qt. bags to use around trees and shrubs.

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