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Archive for September 2018

Garden Design and The Leaf Stack Challenge

In early September the Plantrama Podcast started the Leaf Stack Challenge. The idea is to collect an assortment of foliage that are different shapes, sizes, colors and textures, and pile them up…then take a photo and post it as you wish with the hashtag #leafstackchallenge. Why? Because it’s a fun activity that can open our…

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When Do I Cut Plants Down In The Fall

“Is it OK to cut my perennials back and do my garden cleanup now?” “Can I trim my roses back in the fall?” “When is the best time to cut down my ornamental grasses?” These are questions our customers ask at this time of year. Truth be told, in most situations you can get away…

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Can I Bring My Annual Pots and Boxes Inside For The Winter?

On Cape Cod many of us have pots and window boxes that are still full of flowering annuals in September. Our customers wonder if they can bring these beauties inside before frost. “Is it possible to keep them looking this good through the winter?” they ask, or “Can I save them and put them out…

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Saving The Monarch Butterfly

We’ve known for a few years that monarch butterfly populations have been diminishing. Fortunately, people all across this country and into Canada and Mexico have been working to support remaining monarchs and increase their poulations. On Cape Cod we’ve begun to see the results of these efforts as more butterflies appear in wild areas and our…

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