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Archive for March 2014

Snow Mold and Other Winter Damage to Turf

As the snow melts, many of our Cape Cod customers are finding some unpleasant surprises on their lawns. There may be areas dug and damaged by snowplows. You might see areas that were so compressed under a pile of heavy snow that the grass appears to be dead. Some are also seeing areas where snow…

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Vole Damage

We have had several customers come in this spring asking about damage that they see in their lawns and gardens. Several have had rose bushes that were completely gnawed off at ground level. Others bring in photos of trails on their lawn or in their flower beds. Many assume that the damage is caused by…

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Winter Damage on Evergreens

Many of our customers are asking why their evergreens, particularly the broadleaf plants, aren’t looking very good this spring. People see dieback of stems, browned leaves and crispy buds. This year what we see is probably caused by a combination of winter damage and the effects of drought. Last summer and fall were very dry.…

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Which Plants Get Started From Seed?

Many of our customers are shy about growing plants from seed which is why we frequently hold seminars on seed-starting. We want people to be successful with seeds! Why should you bother growing your own small plants instead of just buying larger ones? Here are some reasons that in some instances seed is better. There…

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Summer Color in Dry Places?

Yes, even in places that only get watered periodically you can have summer color. There are a number of drought-tolerant annuals, perennials and shrubs that provide colorful flowers and foliage. Here are two that do particularly well on Cape Cod. This photo shows two great summer flowering perennials for dry places: Echinacea and Perovskia aka…

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