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Archive for October 2016

Drying Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Everyone on Cape Cod knows that this wasn’t a good summer for blue hydrangeas. Last year’s below zero night in February, followed by a warm March and April deep freeze, zapped most of the flower buds on these shrubs so we didn’t get our normal display of summer blooms. Those varieties that also produce flowers…

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Are Fall Mums Perennial?

As I prepared to give my annual fall talk on perennial garden maintenance, a customer snagged me with the following question: “All those beautiful mums outside,” she said, waving toward the side of the store, “are they perennial? Will these fall flowers come back next year?” My answer was this: “Yes, depending on how you care for…

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My Rhododendron Is Blooming In October!

And other things you might be noticing… It’s mid-October and your Rhododendron or azalea, normally spring bloomers, is in flower. Maybe there are one or two flowers opening…or perhaps the entire shrub is in bloom. “Why is the plant confused?” you want to know, and “Will it still flower next spring?” There are three reasons why…

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Bringing Plants Indoors In The Fall

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to start bringing many plants back indoors. Some of these are houseplants that were sent to “summer camp” in shady areas, and others are tender annuals or perennials that I love to save from year to year. I have begonias, succulents, geraniums and philodendrons ready to come…

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