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Archive for January 2014

Hellebores For Your Garden

Are you familiar with hellebores? If not, let me introduce you to a wonderful perennial for shade. These plants are evergreen and bloom in the winter or early spring. That’s right, there’s a perennial plant that’s in flower in December, January and February! Here’s what you need to know about these fantastic plants. The hellebores…

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Winter Houseplant Care – Top 10 Tips

In January our houseplants become even more important to us. They add humidity to the air, filter indoor air pollutants, and add mood-lifting greenery to our home and work environments. In late January there are several things to be aware of for indoor plants. When it’s colder outside and our heating runs constantly, the soil…

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Containers in Winter

As you look out onto your deck or yard this winter you might be wondering if those container plants that you never did anything with will survive the cold. Perhaps they are perennials or shrubs you intended to plant but never got into the ground. Or maybe they are shrubs that you want to stay…

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Begonias Are BIG!

Ever since Impatiens downy mildew arrived on Cape Cod gardeners have been looking for other plants to provide color in shady gardens. As the Polar Vortex makes us long for spring we are planning for the coming growing season. In many 2014 gardens begonias are sure to be big. Here are some tips for success…

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Care of Lemon Cypress & Norfolk Island Pines

After the holidays it’s worthwhile to care for the small cypress or Norfolk Island pine trees that you’ve used for holiday decorations. These make excellent, long lasting houseplants and the cypress can go into outdoor containers in the summertime. People often wonder if these plants can be planted in the landscape, however, and the answer…

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