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Archive for October 2018

For The Love of Cardinals

Many of our customers love the birds, and provide food and water to attract them to their yards and gardens. In this region we are blessed to have a wide range of resident birds as well as flocks that come through during migration. All birders and homeowners have their favorites, but many especially love the…

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A Good Year for Oak Galls

“What are those small, white balls in my lawn?” and “There are white, fuzzy things all over my plants…are they harmful?”  These are the questions that are coming into the garden center right now. Those small balls, the size of a pea or slightly larger, are wooly oak galls. They are made by a tiny…

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For Plant Identification, Look At The Leaves First

If you are looking to identify a plant for yourself or others, here are a few things to keep in mind. It’s now common practice to post photos of plants online and ask “the hive mind” for identification. We see such requests on the Cape Cod Gardening Facebook Group all the time.  People are wonderfully…

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