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Archive for November 2012

Create A Holiday Centerpiece

It’s easy to make a holiday centerpiece that will hold one or more candles. Here’s how it’s done: You need a block of wet Oasis, a dish to hold the oasis, waterproof tape, plastic candle holder, candle, greens and any embelishments.  

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Digging Dahlias

You say that you loved your dahlia flowers all summer and fall and now you want to know how to save the plants for next season? We’re here to help! Keeping dahlias from year to year isn’t difficult…here’s what you need to do: 1. Dig your dahlia plants up after the frost wilts the tops…

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Things My Mother Told Me

My mother was a pretty wise woman and her advice was usually spot on. She told me to treat other people in the way I wanted to be treated, not to try and solve difficulties at night when I was tired, and to always bring a hostess gift when I arrived and write a thank…

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Fall Rhododendron Bloom

“Is my rhody confused?” our customers ask. “They’re flowering now, in the fall. Will they still bloom in the spring?” To some extent this happens every autumn. The hours of daylight and darkness are the same in the fall as in the spring, and the temperatures are a similar combination of warm days and cool…

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Putting The Perennial Garden To Bed

Many of our customers need advice about putting their perennial gardens to bed. “What should I be doing at this time of year?” they ask. “Can I cut my Montauk Daisies down now? How about the grasses?” Here are some general guidelines for putting your perennial garden to bed for the winter. Cutting Back When…

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