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Archive for June 2018

“It’s Out of Control!” The Too Large Hydrangea

Your hydrangea has gotten too big. It is growing up over the windows or spilling out into the walkway. Your hydrangea is covering nearby shrubs, or blocking the driveway. “How do I prune this to make it small again?” you ask. The simple answer is that you don’t. Plants grow to be the size and…

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Is It Too Late To Plant Vegetables?

Or… “Can I still plant vegetables in the garden in late June?”  The answer to the first questions is no, it’s not too late. The answer to the second question is yes! Frankly, you can plant most vegetables now and many can be sown or placed in the garden through the rest of the summer.…

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Taking Time To See

On this early June morning I went out to the front porch with a cup of coffee and my phone. But instead of checking my email, or sending a text to one of my sons, I put the phone down on the arm of the Adirondack chair and watched the landscape. The sun was just…

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Container and Window Box Ideas

One of the best ways of being creative in the landscape is to plant containers filled with flowering annuals, succulents, shrubs or trees.  You can create a garden in pots on the deck, soften hard spaces such as driveways and walls, or fill window boxes with cheerful color that lasts all summer.  Here are some…

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