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Archive for October 2017

Christmas With A Sense Of Place

I was having fun in the garden center today getting ready for Christmas. I’ve done arrangements and wreaths in our custom department for over 15 years now, and I’ve seen that our customers love the holidays and Cape Cod. They appreciate decorations that celebrate Christmas and this seaside region. Many of the wreaths we make have shells, netting and…

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Houseplants Safe For Cats and Dogs

Last week I published a list of some of the great houseplants we have in our greenhouse. Susan commented, asking if these houseplants were pet-friendly. Were they OK for dogs and cats? Her cat is a “muncher” and so she needs indoor greeenery that isn’t toxic. Our greenhouse manager, Marsha, often points out that many of…

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A List of Great Garden Blogs

  I recently posted on the GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators Facebook page asking fellow GWA members to post their blog URLs. I thought that the Country Garden customers would be interested in knowing about all of these blogs as well. Note that Cape Cod’s own Melissa Caughey’s blog, Tilly’s Nest, is included here.  The images were…

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Bringing The Outdoors In

As the foliage begins falling from shrubs and trees outdoors, it’s time to begin greening the interior of our houses. Some plants have been put outside for the summer and we bring them back inside. (See our post about preventing insect stowaways here.) But many of us are also interested in refreshing or adding to our…

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Planting Large Containers For Winter

Whisky barrels, troughs and other large containers are perfect for filling with small evergreens in the fall. Plant them in October and enjoy their beauty into early May. And if you stick some bulbs around those plants you’ll have winter shrubs and spring flowers. In early May, transplant these small evergreens to a spot in…

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How Late Can I Plant In The Fall?

From October through December we hear this question from our customers. In fact, we find that on Cape Cod there are many people who are planting in the fall. Some have recently purchased a home and want to get a jump on the landscaping. Others suddenly need a privacy screening or are now ready to…

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