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improving your perennial garden

May 25th  4:00 PM  Great Window Box Plants with CL Fornari - Walk & Talk In-Person EVENT One of the best ways of being creative in the landscape is to plant containers filled with flowering annuals, succulents, shrubs or trees.  You can fill window boxes with cheerful color that lasts all summer.  Join us for some ideas and tips for success with the Garden Lady, CL Fornari. No registration is necessary ~ Meet on the patio at 4:00 rain or shine.


June 1st 4:00 PM Greenhouse Tour with Ashley - Walk & Talk In-Person EVENT whether you're a beginning Indoor Gardener or a decades-long aficionado you can learn about the best houseplant for you at this event. Bring your questions and see some new-to-you varieties. Hyannis Country Garden Plant Guru Ashley is a passionate plant parent and is happy to share her knowledge. No registration is necessary Meet our greenhouse at 4:00 rain or shine.

June 16th 5:00 PM

Improving Your Perennial Garden Happy Hour - Virtual Event
Description: June is perennial month, so we're celebrating with a talk on the ways to improve your flower garden. Hear what to do if your garden looks lean instead of lush. Discover how what plants to add for late season flowers, and learn how control those overly-enthusiastic spreaders. Find out how to keep your garden flower-filled all summer and fall, plus have your perennial questions answered.
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Hydrangea Fest (2)

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival is an annual cape-wide celebration of the region's blue, pink, and white signature flowers and everything gardens on Cape Cod! We've got talks and presentations scheduled here at Hyannis Country Garden, and we'll be offering special pricing on Hydrangeas that week too. Be sure to stop in and see us - we are Cape Cod's Hydrangea Headquarters.

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Hydrangea Happy Hour

July 7th 5:00 PM
Virtual Event
Join CL Fornari to hear about Hydrangea flower color, keeping your flowers beautiful into the fall, varieties for bouquets and more...plus all your Hydrangea questions answered. This is a FREE Virtual event but registration is required. 

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A Hydrangea for Every Garden

July 8th 3:00 PM
In-Person Event
Join CL Fornari under our shade frame to learn about the different types of Hydrangeas and which variety is best for your needs. Discover tall Hydrangeas for privacy borders and short plants for foundation plantings. Hear which varieties do best in full sun, which ones thrive in shade what types are the most bud-hardy to avoid winter die-back. This In-Person event is FREE but registration is required.

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Companion Plantings for Hydrangeas

July 11th 3:00 PM
In-Person Event
Join Landscape Architect Barbara Conolly on a Walk & Talk through HCG. Barbara will share companion plants for your hydrangeas. Discover new plants and arrangements. Learn what will do best in sun or in shade. This In-Person event is FREE but registration is required.

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Walk and Talk Events at HCG: Join us for information-packed tours through our nursery and garden center. Learn the characteristics of a variety of plants and/or gardening tools or helpers so you can make the best choice for your gardens. These free, behind-the-scene events meet on our patio promptly at 4:00, Rain or Shine, no registration necessary.

Hyannis Country Garden virtual events are designed to be both informative and entertaining.

Our fans love our Friday Happy Hours, each starting at 5 PM and lasting for one hour. All Happy Hours are free of charge and you can participate in these either on Facebook Live or by clicking the individual link and registering via Zoom. Note: soon the Zoom registration for our Happy Hours will be limited to the first 100 people. We ask that you only register if you intend to be on the Zoom call - if you're in doubt, join in on our Facebook page instead, so that someone else who is sure to attend can be included.  Sunday Seminars are in-depth classes on topics that we’ve seen are of interest to our customers. These virtual events run from 4 PM to 5:30, and the non-refundable cost to attend is $10.00. Our Sunday Seminar one-and-a-half hour programs do a deeper dive into subjects of interest to Cape Cod gardeners. Advance payment and registration is required, and all who are signed up will receive a pdf handout on the topic. Registration for all Sunday Seminar events is $10.00 and is non-refundable. Please Note: Sunday Seminar webinars are not recorded...like our in-store educational programs, they are 'you have to be there' events. There are no refunds for those who don't attend, but all paid registrants will receive the handout.

Links to previously recorded virtual events


Plant Combinations for Containers

Looking for great plants for your pots and boxes this summer? Join C.L. as she shows inspiring containers and gives plant suggestions for annuals, edibles and more. Have a pen and paper available for recording your shopping list for 2023

Please click here to view this pre-recorded video

Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

Hear about how to grow edibles without a traditional vegetable garden. Learn how to add crops to existing ornamental landscapes, or how to raise edibles in containers. Discover which vegetables are most productive in small spaces, and how to maximize your harvests. 

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flowers to grow from seed

Flowers to Grow from Seed

From mid-March to mid-May, it’s time to start many flowers from seed. Hear about which varieties to start now, and annuals that can be seeded directly into the ground later. Learn about common problems and pitfalls, and how to avoid them and which perennials are easy to grow. Discover which flowers should be started from seed and which ones are best bought as plants later in the season. Ask questions about blooming plants you’ve always wanted to grow, and how to add more flower power to your garden

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cabin fever cures

Cabin Fever Happy Hour

For many people, February is when the winter seems to be most tiresome, and spring can’t come fast enough. In this video C.L. talks about ways to focus on plants and growth for the rest of the cold season. From plant fun facts to creative projects, you’ll find ways to relieve cabin fever and bring spring into view Originally aired 2.10.23

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Houseplant Happy Hour

In this mid-winter Happy Hour we celebrated houseplant health. Click the link below to see some lovely houseplant varieties and hear about their care. Learn how to spot and treat insect infestations, and ways to deal with over-grown plants. Hear how to propagate your plants and how to tell if you are over or under watering. Originally aired 1.20.23

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Ideas for Winter Containers

See how you can fill pots, boxes, and other containers with plants or greens for the holidays and beyond. Discover flowers that will bloom outdoors through January, and how to find decorative materials in your own backyard. Find out how to re-purpose fun containers for winter cheer. Originally aired 12.2.22

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Preparing Your Plants & Gardens for Winter

Discover what can be done to help your plants through the coming winter. Hear about whether you should be protecting perennials, roses or hydrangeas. Learn how to give marginally hardy plants the best chance at winter survival. Plus all your specific questions about your plants and gardens answered. 

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Your Garden in Late Fall Happy Hour

See how to better enjoy your garden going into November and December. Hear about plants that you can place in the garden now for color next spring. Learn what garden maintenance could be done now, and what you can leave for the coming season. Plus all your specific questions about your plants and gardens answered.
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Dekes Public Calendar

Lawn Restoration Talk with HCG's Turf Expert, Dekes

Hyannis Country Garden's lawn guru, Jamie Dedekian (aka Dekes) explains what to do with your lawn after this summer's brutal drought. This virtual presentation will guide you with the restoration of your turf, using organic methods. Originally taped 9/1/22. Please click here to view this pre-recorded video
Bulb Planting Happy Hour Virtual Event

Did You Miss CL's Fall 2022 Bulb Planting Happy Hour Virtual Event?

You're busy...we get it. So we've uploaded the recording from C.L.'s Bulb Planting Happy Hour to YouTube for you to view at your leisure.  Please click here.

HYdrangea Wreath sunday Seminar Public Calendar (1)

Did You Miss CL's Hydrangea Happiness Virtual Event?

You're busy...we get it. So we've uploaded the recording from C.L.'s Hydrangea Happy Hour to YouTube for you to view at your leisure.  Please click here.


Spring Lawn Care Talk with Dekes

Learn the basics of organic lawn care. See examples of well maintained organic lawns, and hear about how to solve common problems, with HCG Lawn Care Expert Jamie Dekes. Originally taped 8/14/22.

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