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Archive for September 2013

Pumpkin Totems & Fall Celebrations

Celebrate the glorious fall with an easy to make harvest decoration. Build a pumpkin totem! At this time of year the garden center is well stocked with all colors of pumpkins, squash and gourds for fall decorating, and stacking some up couldn’t be easier. Here are a few ideas to get you started.  

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Spots on Hydrangea Leaves

“I have spots on my hydrangea leaves,” the customer said. “I’ll send you a picture by email because I’m afraid it’s dying. Maybe it came from a bad batch.” We suspected that the “batch” of hydrangeas was just fine, and that the plant would recover very nicely, and once the photo arrived this hunch was…

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Watering Houseplants

Many of our customers ask us how to water houseplants. This has been one of the most often-asked questions in our greenhouse, and for good reason. Too much water will surely kill a plant just as easily as too little water. Is there a trick to watering? In a word, no. Watering requires several skills:…

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Fall Planting

Many of our customers are interested in planting new shrubs, trees, perennials and grasses in their landscapes. Here are some tips for success with fall planting. Dig a wide hole that is just as deep as the root ball on your new plant. Mix some Bio-Tone fertilizer in with the soil you are returning to…

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Fall Flower and Foliage Color

Have your summer annuals died early this year? Did these normally robust flowering plants have a fungal problem because of the cool, damp weather in August? Or perhaps your perennials have finished flowering and your hydrangea flowers turned brown as a result of the hot, dry weather in July. For all of these reasons Cape…

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