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Archive for December 2013

Presents With Potential

Walking by the rack of Renee’s Seeds today started me thinking about the gift of planting. I realize that when thinking of presents most people’s minds don’t automatically wander to seeds, no matter what the season. Somehow, however, these colorful packets are the perfect gift because they are filled with such potential. Packages of seed…

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Cyclamen for Winter Cheer

Cold weather got you down? We have the perfect plant for you. It’s cheerful and versatile, and perfect for those who want a plant that’s not as associated with Christmas as the Poinsettia is. This plant is often called “florist Cyclamen” and it grows from a bulb. We love these bright flowers on the windowsill, …

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Color To Lift Hearts? You Can Grow That!

In the time of year when night falls like a cartoon curtain at 4:30 PM, we need all the cheer we can get. For many this lifting-hearts-and-spirits optimism can be cultivated in the house. Something growing and colorful is just what we need when the days are short. Amaryllis and Paperwhite Narcissus to the rescue!…

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