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Archive for November 2016


“I love these plants,” a customer said to me, “but I don’t have any luck with them. Are they tricky plants to grow?” We were standing by the display of Cyclamen plants on the patio, both of us smiling at the rows of brightly colored flowers. As I explained to this customer, Cyclamen aren’t difficult but there…

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Plants For Winter Color

When I’m feeling cranky I’ve been known to say, “Winter interest? It’s a cup of tea and a good book.” But this isn’t really true. I want plants in my landscape that capture as much of my attention in the cold season as the steaming beverage and novel. In fact, both are a necessity for surviving…

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Recycling Celebrations

Today is America Recycles Day. This reminds me about Christmas at Country Garden and something I saw at the Philadelphia airport. As I walked down to my gate in October I noticed a colorful grouping of plants and old wooden pallets. Some of the boards on the pallets had been painted with random colors and stamped or…

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Amaryllis & Paperwhite Narcissus

I love the indoor winter bulbs. At the time of year when the days are getting shorter, it lifts my spirits to be able to plant something inside that I know will be coming into bloom soon. And both Amaryllis and paperwhite Narcissus bulbs are easy to grow indoors. You don’t have to have soil to…

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