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Archive for January 2012

Calling All Cape Cod Garden Bloggers!

Do you write a blog about your Cape Cod Garden? We’d love to hear about it! At Country Garden we’re interested in connecting with local garden bloggers. We’ll put links to local garden blogs here and include you in a mailing list for special Bloggers Days in the future. We’re thinking of hosting an event…

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Seven Steps Closer To Spring – #3

Create A New View It may be too early to plant, but there are other ways of enhancing a view. To determine if this is an option for your property, start by looking out your windows. As you gaze from those indoor vantage points onto scenes you frequently see, ask yourself the following question: Is…

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Seven Steps Closer to Spring – #2

You may not be able to get out into your own garden right now, but you can create a miniature garden indoors. All you need is a shallow dish, sheet moss, potting soil, some smaller plants and the accessories of your choice. There are so many wonderful options for miniature garden decor: from tiny birdbaths…

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Seed Starting Tips – #2

Here are a few more tips for growing plants from seed. How Big is It?  Did you know that in most cases the size of the seed tells how to plant it? In general, very tiny seeds get sprinkled on the surface of the soil and gently patted onto the top of the dirt. Medium…

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Seven Steps Closer to Spring – #1

Over the next seven weeks I’ll post seven suggestions for activities that can liven up winter and bring you ever closer to spring. We hope you’ll enjoy these projects that will make the dormant season less dreary!  #1 Plant a Think Spring Container Remind yourself or someone else that spring will come again. Create a…

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Seed Starting Tips – #1

It may be winter outside, but that don’t let that stop you for planning for the coming growing season. At this time of year many gardeners make plans for starting seeds. In fact, those seeds that require more time to germinate, or those seedlings that take longer to grow, can be started early and grown…

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