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Archive for July 2016

Something is Eating My Tomato Plants!

entomoligists You walk into the garden and suddenly notice that part of your tomato plant has disappeared. Where there were leaves yesterday, only bare stems remain. The damage is too high for it to be a rabbit… “What is eating my tomato’s leaves?” you wonder. Chances are, it’s the tomato horn worm. These are the…

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What Are All Those Moths In My Yard?

It’s July, but in some places on Cape Cod the trees look like it’s January and there is a blizzard of moths in the air. The oaks, birches and some other trees have been defoliated by the gypsy moth larvae and the brown moths that fill the air in July are the males, looking for…

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Hydrangeas R Us!

It’s time for the second annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival and Hyannis Country Garden is happy to be one of the major sponsors of this local event. If you haven’t heard, there are over 80 private gardens open Cape wide over then days in July. The entry fee to these landscapes¬†– $5.00 per person per…

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