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Archive for June 2012

Keeping Hydrangeas Beautiful

All summer. We want our Hydrangeas to stay lovely for as long as possible, right? Many of these wonderful shrubs are the most long-flowering plants we can grow, and there are things you can do to keep the blossoms in peak condition. 1. Hydrangea flowers last longer if the shrubs are shielded from the hot…

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Planting In June

It’s a common question from our customers: “Is it too late to plant?”  Many people think that all annuals and vegetables have to be planted by Memorial Day, but this isn’t true. Annuals and most vegetables, not to mention shrubs, perennials, trees and herbs can all be planted throughout the summer. Here’s the low-down on…

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Cape Cod Proven Winners

Hyannis Country Garden announces that Independence House in Hyannis was chosen to receive a free planting of annuals and perennials. As part of the celebration of Proven Winners Weekend, Country Garden asked individuals to nominate a local non-profit organization that is a “proven winner for Cape Cod.” Sixteen individuals nominated a total of nine different…

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How To Deadhead Roses

There are many reasons to deadhead roses and it isn’t as complicated as common myths suggest. The term “deadhead” simply means to cut the old, wilted flowers off of plants. This improves the appearance of the plant but more importantly, it often stimulates the production of more flowers. It’s a widespread belief that roses must…

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The Personal Touch

There are many advantages to shopping at an independent garden center. In particular, we know our customers appreciate the huge variety of plants we offer and our knowledgeable staff. People tell us that they love being able to come in with their landscape problems and find solutions. They also appreciate that we’re here with a…

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A Green Roof Fairy House? You Can Grow That!

Make a house for the fairies. Take two old plastic hanging baskets. Cut one down to an inch or two high so that you have a shallow dish with the drainage holes on the bottom. Cut a door opening in the other. You can use heavy duty scissors or tin snips. Put the saucer-piece on…

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