We’re happy to plant all types of containers for our customers.  Window boxes, annual pots, container vegetables, and even shrubs and trees can be potted to your specifications. Our designer will consult with you about color preferences and the location of your containers (sun or shade) so that they are created to your needs and liking.

The containers we pot will include the appropriate soils and fertilizers so your plants will thrive all summer. Bring your containers in and we’ll fill them. Charges are determined by the cost of the soil, plants and a labor charge. For an additional labor charge we can come to you and plant containers on-site. For more information about all these services please call Brenda at the store.  Download a printable sheet about our service by clicking here.

custom_windowboxes (1)

Brenda potted up these lovely window boxes that are made for shade!


Here's a colorful pot for part-shade. Brenda is a master at combining flowers and foliage; call her at the store to discuss how we can create stunning containers for you.


Are your houseplants in need of fresh soil or a new container? Our greenhouse staff can help. Bring your root-bound houseplants into the store for repotting. Fees for this service include labor and soil.

Plants in small pots up to 6” – $5.00

Plants in pots from 6” to 10” – $10.00

Plants in pots 10” to 18” – $15.00

Larger containers: call Marsha or Lily for details.

We can also assist you with potting of outdoor, custom containers. Stop into the store and talk with Sue, Brenda or Marsha about options for windowboxes, urns and pots.


Fast and cheap

100 $ /hour

Typical consultations last about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Charge is $100.00 per hour.

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