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Archive for May 2017

My Leaves Have Brown Spots!

Although the regular rain has been welcomed after last summer’s drought, so far the spring and early summer weather on Cape Cod has been cool and damp. This combination is pretty much a prescription for fungal problems. We’ve had customers come in with fungal conditions on lawns, perennials and shrubs. Here is a rundown of…

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Some Basics About Fertilizers

At Hyannis Country Garden there’s an entire wall devoted to fertilizers. This selection is wonderful in that our customers are sure to find just the right product for their needs…but it can also be bewildering. We frequently help people who are confused about which product to buy. “Can I use this on all my flowers…

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Your Trees Are Being Eaten

From a distance, all looks well as the grass greens up, the perennials emerge and the trees break dormancy. But a close look at the trees and roses on the Cape will show that there is trouble in paradise…winter moth  and gypsy moth larvae have both hatched and are eating away. Here are just two examples…

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Terrific Tulips and Tulip Troubles

Recently I sat on my deck and watched the first hummingbird of the season visit my trough of tulips. For the entire month of April the developing tulips have made me smile. Elsewhere in the yard their cheerful flowers bloom red, yellow, pink and purple, complementing the daffodils and other spring flowers. Tulips are terrific. Some…

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