Decorating A Boxwood Tree

Decorating A Boxwood Tree

One of the fun things about working in the Christmas custom department at Hyannis Country Garden is making small trees out of cut boxwood. We take boxwood branches, make a fresh cut on the pieces, and stick them into wet floral Oasis. If these are watered from the top every three days, they will stay fresh for several weeks.

Some people leave these plain, but many of our customers buy these arrangements so that they can have the fun of decorating them. You can use strings of lights (battery powered or plug-in), shiny glass balls, cones and berries, candy (a great grandparent/grandchild activity!) or fresh flowers.

This is how a plain boxwood looks before decorating
This tree was decorated with fresh flowers. If you’re wanting to do this, a hint for success is to choose flowers that are just starting to open, such as these carnations. Then you’ll enjoy watching them come into full flower and they’ll last a long time.
Here’s a boxwood that had glass balls and tiny, battery-powered lights on it. As the designer, I especially appreciated that the lights had black wires not silver or green, so they disappeared into the green of the foliage.

If you want to make your own tree in oasis, click here to see how it’s done.

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