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Saving The Monarch Butterfly

We’ve known for a few years that monarch butterfly populations have been diminishing. Fortunately, people all across this country and into Canada and Mexico have been working to support remaining monarchs and increase their poulations. On Cape Cod we’ve begun to see the results of these efforts as more butterflies appear in wild areas and our…

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Cape Cod Birds in Winter

My husband and I get great pleasure from the birds in our yard. We take delight in seeing the kaleidoscope of colors and motion that they provide twelve months of the year. “The bird ballet,” I call it. Although we provide seed and fresh water in all seasons, in the winter it’s not as much for…

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Cape Cod Pollinators

We’ve all seen reports on television, or read in the newspaper, that the bees and other pollinators are in trouble. Some people have responded to this news by expressing concern. “That’s too bad…” or “How terrible!” Some have made it a point to look into what action they personally can take to improve the situation, while…

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Alternative to Niger Seeds

Many people who feed the birds have a finch feeder and the finches love the Niger seed that is commonly used to fill them. But some people don’t realize that by using the very fine sunflower chips in these  feeder they can attract a greater variety of birds.  My husband and I have filled our thistle…

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Vole Damage

We have had several customers come in this spring asking about damage that they see in their lawns and gardens. Several have had rose bushes that were completely gnawed off at ground level. Others bring in photos of trails on their lawn or in their flower beds. Many assume that the damage is caused by…

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Decorate a Tree for the Birds

Although many think of decorating a tree for the birds at Christmas, it might be even more welcomed later. In the depth of winter it’s good to supply suet and seed for the birds to eat. It’s also cheering for us to do something creative and fun. At Country Garden’s Holiday Open House in 2011…

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