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Archive for April 2014

Growing Great Tomatoes

To be most productive, tomato plants need full sun, rich soil, regular watering, and supplemental nutrients. Tomato plants can be put into the garden right up until Forth of July but don’t plant too early: nighttime temperatures should be consistently above 50 degrees before planting. On the Cape, this is in late May. The organic…

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Choosing The Best Plant

Now that it’s finally planting season we have many customers shopping for great plants for their gardens. When faced with a nursery that’s filled with so many choices, how do you pick the best plant?  Here are some general guidelines: Start with the size that you want. Some people find smaller plants easier to handle,…

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What To Do With Leggy Seedlings

At this time of year we get frequent calls from people who have started seeds inside and find that they’ve gotten too “leggy.” This is most common for those who are growing seedlings on a windowsill where the light might be strong but not as direct or constant as you’d find in a greenhouse. The…

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When Can I Plant On Cape Cod?

When I moved to this area I was told that “On Cape Cod we have January, February, March, March, March, June.” The sea breeze that cools us in the summer also keeps our spring climate on the cold side. So like it or not, we’ve just entered our second month of March. After our long,…

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