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Archive for October 2012

A True Storm Story

In the height of the hurricane, as the letters were blowing off of Country Garden’s roof, employee Amelia Lynch watched as a man untied a bunch of corn stalks off of the fence and stole them.  He carted that corn away, complete with orange bow. Emergency decorating for a hurricane party?  

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Dealing With Damage From Sandy

To Help With General Recovery  Apply an inch or two of compost or composted manure to cover exposed roots and to help with root regeneration this fall and a healthy soil next spring. Leaning/Flattened Plants Pull plants back to their former position and use a staking kit or materials to hold them in place. Leave…

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"Should I Clip Off The Old Hydrangea Flowers?"

This is a question we hear frequently in the garden center. It usually is followed up with “Should I prune my hydrangeas down in the fall?” Here’s the story on both of those queries: 1. You don’t have to clip off the old flowers unless you don’t like how they look. If you object to…

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Easy, Colorful Fall Decorating

Looking for a quick way to dress up your porch or patio for fall? Make a pumpkin totem! Get an urn, large pot or even a hay bale and place it on your porch, near a light post or where ever you would like fall decorations. Consider doing a display where you’ll see it from…

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Keeping Fall Mums From Year to Year

The other day a customer remarked that her “hardy” mums never make it though the winter. Has this happened to you? As we explained to this customer, there are a couple of things going on. In some areas these plants are called “hardy” because they will withstand light frosts through the fall. On Cape Cod,…

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