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A Cold, Wet Spring

We are coming out of a cold, wet spring and although the weather has improved at the end of May, it’s important to be aware that the consequences of the damp, cool conditions will be seen later in the summer. Here are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. In addition to the…

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How To Keep A Hanging Basket Looking Good

For many it’s a Mother’s Day tradition to buy a colorful hanging basket to celebrate the holiday and kick off the summer flower season. It’s a favorite time for our staff at the garden center because every hook and beam is filled with beautiful hanging plants. It’s a celebration of abundant bloom for everyone. Many…

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What Can I Prune in May?

In mid-May many people are wondering if it’s too late to prune their shrubs. Some have delayed spring cleanup because the weather has been so cold and damp while others just haven’t gotten to it yet. But here’s the good news: pruning is a great way to get outside and reconnected with nature, and you…

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