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What plants do best on Cape Cod? At Hyannis Country Garden we recognize that some aspects of gardening on the Cape are different from other locations. Our predominantly sandy soils, off-ocean winds, and salt spray can influence local landscapes and how we tend them. Country Garden’s customers frequently request our “insider information” about the plants and products that work especially well in this area. With these appeals in mind, we’ve created our Best for Cape Cod designation.

See the lists here - click on the small image that comes up to see a larger image you can print:

Shrubs, Vines and Trees



Shrubs and Trees

Vegetables and Fruit

Lawn and Garden Products

Native Plants

Yes, other plants and products might do equally well, but if you want what we commonly call a “no-brainer”, you can’t go wrong with the selections that are marked with this graphic.

Note that many of the selections on the Native Plants list support pollinators and other wildlife.

In order to better help area gardeners, we have the following plant and product lists available for download. Print out these pdf files and bring them into the garden center when you’re shopping for plants.

Discover which shrubs, trees and vines do well on Cape Cod. 

Find the best annuals for Cape Cod gardens.

Use this list to choose the best perennial plants for Cape Cod landscapes.

Grow the vegetables that do best on Cape Cod

Here is a list of Cape Cod Native Perennials, Grasses, Shrubs and Trees that do well here.

We have the products and problem-solvers that are effective and gentle on Cape Cod’s environment

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