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Archive for August 2013

My Tomatoes Aren’t Turning Red!

This is a common complaint among vegetable gardeners this year. Here it is the end of August and many of us are only harvesting a tomato here and another there. Yes, there are green fruits on the plants but they aren’t turning red very quickly. The reason for this problem is the weather. “Oh great,”…

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What’s Eating My Tomato Plants?

Is the foliage of your tomato plant disappearing at an alarming rate? If the plants are small it might be woodchuck or deer damage, but if the plants are taller, an insect may be responsible. When the leaves at the top of the plant are being stripped but the stems left in place, you probably…

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August Landscape To-Do List

There are many things to do in the Cape Cod garden in August, as well as a few things you don’t want to be doing. Here is a checklist for landscape care at the end of summer. To Do: Pulling weeds. All the heat-loving weeds are thriving at this time of year. Pull crab grass,…

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