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Archive for July 2012

August Gardening Dos and Don’ts

Here’s what you can do to keep your yard and garden looking good during the dog days of summer and beyond. Water deeply but not every day. Avoid hand watering except for newly placed or seeded plants…the reality is that hand watering doesn’t soak deeply or in a wide enough area to hydrate your plants.…

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Mid-Summer Garden Maintenance

Here’s what gardeners are doing in late-July to keep their yards and gardens looking great: Perennials: Cutting less-than-attractive, early flowering perennials down to the ground. Early flowering perennials such as Nepeta, Salvia and Silver Mound Artemisia can get cut to the ground at this time of year. Many times the plant sends up new foliage…

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Summer Care of Hanging Baskets

A basket of flowers on the front porch, deck or patio is one of the summer’s pleasures. Hanging containers of annuals provide color that brightens all outdoor spaces. They can even add fragrance to your outdoor living areas or attract hummingbirds. But in order to keep your hanging plant looking its best, you need to…

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A Multi-Use Shrub

Variegated boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Variegata’) is a lovely landscape plant that you will appreciate twelve months a year. This shrub thrives in full or part-sun and provides great foliage contrast and garden interest. Variegated boxwood is also attractive in a variety of landscape styles from formal to informal. Although slow growing, this shrub will get…

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July Perennial Maintenance

Many of our customers have perennial gardens that are heavily planted with early-summer flowers. Once this first flush of plants has finished, they wonder how to make their gardens look colorful and neat the rest of the season. Here are some tips for taking care of perennial gardens in July. Deadhead peonies by clipping old…

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Do you want a summer-flowering shrub that grows well in hot sun? Would you like a plant that also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds? Then look for Vitex agnus-castus, aka Chaste tree. This plant is native to the Mediterranean regions and loves good drainage and at least six hours of sunlight. The Chaste Tree is a…

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